Logo of two hands holding up a person with text saying Every person with a disability has a right to be safe healthy and happy

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A series of articles and videos on employing support workers

Tell Us Your Story

Have you or a loved one suffered any form of abuse? We will make a case study video (no names) and add it to our growing library Together, we can make them fix this broken system

The Shh Plan

Shh .. safe, healthy, happy – the plan for an independent future

Supported Accommodation

What you need to know about supported accommodation

Directly Employ Workers

How to directly employ workers – what you need to know

Royal Commission

Why we need a Royal Commission .. some of the stories ..

Self/Plan Managed Funds

Self/Plan manage funding .. be in control and make it stretch further

Self Employment for Support Workers

NDIS gives good support workers great opportunities



Coming Soon …

Some of our videos tell real stories of actual abuse that has happened to people with disability in Australia.

Some videos provide information on various topics relevant to people with disability or their families – e.g. NDIS, supported accommodation, direct employment of workers, self-management of funding etc.