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Tell Us Your Story

Do you want people to know about the abuse you or your loved one have suffered?

Over the last two years, we have heard sad story after horrific story after story.

It’s time for the general public to know what goes on behind closed doors to people with disability.

We have to change the system in Australia.

Video evidence of restraint being used in NT detention centres caused a Royal Commission to be called.

Maybe if we can document all the stories in one place, the sheer numbers will give the Government no alternative but to call for a Royal Commission.

It took Bravehearts 10 years to get a Royal Commission into Abuse of Children.

Let’s hope we can get it done quicker than that.


“There is absolutely no doubt in our minds, and the evidence clearly shows, that there is widespread violence against and abuse and neglect of people with disability around Australia.”
Senator Siewert when tabling Senate Inquiry Report 25/11/2015

If you prefer to tell your story on your own video, then please send it to us via email – or Contact Us and we will advise how to get it to us.

Note that for legal reasons, we are unable to publish videos that name perpetrators of the abuse Рindividual or organisation.

However, behind the scenes, we will be keeping statistics of allegations against the various providers for use later at the Royal Commission.

If you would like us to create a video of your story, you can tell us it in any way you feel comfortable – writing, phone, skype, email, video.

To start the process, as mentioned above, please Contact Us and we will send you an information sheet on how to tell us your story.